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What is Re:Thought?

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Welcome to my newest writing venture.

It’s hard to fully describe what this blog is because my hope is that its first few months will be an evolutionary process as the blog finds its own voice. Here’s a little background, though:

Much of the motivation for the blog is simple frustration at the state of today’s post-truth political discourse, consisting of little more than hackishly spouting liberal and conservative conventional wisdom, with precious little concern for intellectual honesty or having coherent ideas. Thus the first meaning of Re:Thought — a foundational principle of the blog is to step out from the ossified left/right debate and challenge the assumptions underlying it.

The second meaning of Re:Thought is a reference to the diversity of topics and thought to be addressed. I hope to engage with a wide variety of modes of thought, and a diversity of topics, including climate, politics, government ethics/reform, as well as how the news media’s coverage affects these issues.

I hope you enjoy!


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April 17, 2012 at 3:25 am

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